D-day 0 C O N T A C T S
Nariaki Nitta

Title : Stealthy but Earth-Affecting CMEs
We have long known about the existence of "problem" geomagnetic storms whose origins are elusive. In more general terms, not all the 1 AU disturbances can be clearly attributed to CMEs, HSSs or CIRs. When ICME signatures are found in in situ data, there is not always a flare or filament eruption on the Sun or even an obvious CME observed close to the Sun that correlates with the ICME within a reasonable time range. These ICMEs sometimes result in intense storms. Furthermore, there is a possibility that some of the more severe storms could be partly contributed by such ICMEs of unclear origin. Therefore space weather prediction will remain incomplete without properly understanding these ICMEs. Even if the ICME is paired with a CME, it is sometimes difficult to find where the latter comes from. This is often called the “stealth CME” that apparently lacks low coronal signatures (LCSs). STEREO's second and third view points have tremendously helped us determine its front-side origin and find when and where it forms and accelerates, which is important for isolating possible LCSs. Although SDO/AIA has been continuously taking full-disk EUV images in a wide temperature range since 2010, there are still a number of stealthy CMEs whose LCSs are unclear or ambiguous. It is assumed that they start at high altitudes, leaving weak or negligible LCSs. Some of them seem to involve multiple magnetic domains, and weak or open field regions. We present AIA observations of several stealthy CMEs, including recent ones, that were responsible for geomagnetic storms, emphasizing the need to compare images with long time differences and to find the periods at which the CME forms and accelerates. We also discuss uncertainties in interpreting in situ data as to whether a CME is present when data are dominated by other solar wind features, such as HSS and CIR.


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