Invited Speakers

Antia, H. M.IndiaLarge Scale Flows in the Solar Interior
Cao, W.USANew Solar Telescope at Big Bear Solar Observatory
Chae, J.KoreaResults from FISS/NST
Cheng, X.ChinaThe Origin and Evolution of Solar Eruptions Revealed by SDO, STEREO, and IRIS
Donea, A.AustraliaSunquakes; Acoustic Halos Around Active Regions
Gary, D.USAOverview of Big Bear Solar Observatory
Goode, P.USAAdaptive Optics Efforts in Big Bear
Hara, H.JapanSolar–C
Ji, H.ChinaNew Results Obtained from HeI 1083 nm with the NST
Jiang, J.ChinaDynamo Models and Solar Cycle Predictions
Joshi, B.IndiaHigh Energy Processes in Solar Eruptive Phenomena
Kano, RJapanInitial Results of CLASP
Karak, B.SwedenDynamo Simulations in Solar/Stellar Convection Zone
Kusano, K.JapanSpace Weather Research Network in Japan
Mathew, S.IndiaMAST, New Solar Telescope at USO
Moon, Y.-J.KoreaSpace Weather Forecast
Qiu, J.USASolar Flares Observed in the Lower Atmosphere
Ramesh, R.IndiaSolar Transients at Low Radio Frequencies and the Associated Coronal Magnetic Field
Ravindra, B.IndiaReconstruction of Velocities in Solar Active Regions
Shelyag, S.AustraliaSimulated Observations of Waves in the Solar Atmosphere
Shibata, K.JapanStellar Superflares
Shimojo, M.JapanSolar Observations with ALMA
Su, Y.ChinaTBD
Venkatakrishnan, P.IndiaElectric Currents in the Solar Atmosphere
Wang, H.USASolar Flares Observed with the NST
Wheatland, M.AustraliaMagnetic Field Extrapolation
Yurchyshyn, V.USANST Results on Sunspots
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