Solar Low-Frequency Radio Spectrograph (e-CALLISTO)

태양 저주파 전파관측기 e-CALLISTO

e-CALLISTO is a global network of frequency-agile radio spectrometers, CALLISTO (Compact Astronomical Low-frequency, Low-cost Instrument for Spectroscopy in Transportable Observatories). The Korean station was constructed by a collaboration between ETHZ of Switzerland and KASI. As a part of IHY 2007 (International Heliophysical Year) activity, the e-CALLISTO is monitoring the solar radio burst in frequency range between 45MHz and 870MHz. The number of channels per spectrum is 200 and the frequency width per channel is 300 KHz. The time cadence is 0.25s. Observation data are used for studying solar activity and space weather.

Interaction with control computer, antenna, callisto and GPS Clock
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M9.3 flare with CALLISTO at KASI, South Korea Start Time (01-Aug-11 03:45:00) [ Spectrum ]