VHF Coherent Back-scattering Ionospheric Radar

VHF 간섭 산란 전리층 관측 레이더 / VHF Coherent Back-scattering Ionospheric Radar

Coherent 40.8 MHz scatter radar at the low end of the VHF band was built in Daejeon city (36.18°N, 127.14°E, dip latitude 26.7°N), South Korea. This radar was installed and continuously operational since December 2009. This radar has the capability of long-term mid-latitude studies of E- and F-region FAIs in the Far East Asian sector, which has been undertaken to further investigate the characteristics in their morphology, occurrence, climatology, and persistence.

Parameter Value
Latitude 36.2˚N
Longitude 127.1˚E
Magnetic latitude 26.7˚N
Antenna 12×2 array of 5-element Yagi antennas
Frequency 40.8 MHz
Peak power 24 kW
Band width 170 kHz
Beam direction 48˚N
Beam width 10˚ horizontally, 22˚ vertically
Pulse repetition frequency 150 Hz
Inter pulse period 6.6 ms
Pulse width 32 μs
Range resolution 4.8 km

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Signal-to-Noise (intensity)

Doppler Velocity (motion)

Spectral Width (turbulence)

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