S-band Satellite Tracking Antenna

S-band 위성추적 안테나 / S-band Satellite Tracking Antenna

S-band Satellite Tracking Antenna was built to receive Van Allen Probes data as a cooperation between KASI and NASA. The Van Allen Probes mission launched in 2012 as part of NASA’s Living With a Star Geospace program was designed to help us to understand the Sun’s Influence on the Earth and near-Earth space by studying the planet’s radiation belts on various scales of space and time. In addition to the scientific objectives, this mission broadcast 1 kbps beacon signal with real time measurement data for space weather application. Because only one ground station could receive space weather data for the limited access time, multi station installations by international cooperation are necessary. Korea Astronomy and Space science Institute (KASI) built a 7-m antenna to relay the RBSP real-time data for forecasting space weather to protect national space assets from severe space environment. The antenna system is designed to track RBSP spacecraft and receive S-band radio signals. The received real-time data is transferred to JHU/APL with TCP/IP protocol.

Antenna Type Yoke and Tower
Diameter 7m
Frequency 2.2 ~ 2.3 GHz(S-band)
Speed 5°/sec
Tracking Monopulse Track
Pointing Accuracy 0.1° rms
Tracking Accuracy 0.05° rms
G/T 16.12 dB/K (45° K LNA) at 20° EL
Manufacturer High Gain Antenna Co., Ltd