Korean Solar Radio Burst Locator (KSRBL)

Korean Solar Radio Burst Locator (KSRBL) is a single dish radio spectrograph, which has been developed in collaboration with New Jersey Institute of Technology and installed at KASI in August 2009. KSRBL records the spectra of solar microwave bursts with high time and frequency resolution, and locates their positions on the solar disk. Solar radio burst needs to be continuously monitored as it could disturb many kinds of high-tech radio instruments such as cellular phone, GPS, and radar. The data of KSRBL are used in solar flare research and space weather forecast in the future.

  Dwell sweep Standard sweep
Frequency range Selectable with 2GHz bandwidth 245,410MHz 0.5-18GHz
Frequency resolution 0.25MHz 1MHz
Time resolution 0.025s 1s
Location accuracy Not available 0.03°
[ Relative intensity versus frequency for different burst locations ]